Variety in every shape

We have been supplying our customers with precision parts, assemblies and components for decades. We implement their special requirements along the entire process chain, starting at the prototype, to small and even large series.


Fuel tank systems

  • Tank locking systems consisting of two high-precision punching parts for synthetic tanks
  • The Schürholz Group produces approx. 18 million sets for 16 different systems
  • The highest precision and process reliability is required due to the higher safety- and increasing emissions-requirements
  • Single parts of assemblies for tank system attachments or as a protection



  • Punching and punching-bending parts as components or assemblies for diverse applications in the field of body
  • Material utilization advantage through punching-bending technology
  • Assemblies to direct sliding doors
  • Crash-relevant components or assemblies



  • Specialist for chassis bushes in diverse variations with or without special applications, such as radii, fibers, slots or other applications
  • No restrictions by pipe norms; outer-/ inner diameter as well as the length can be freely chosen
  • Highest precision through a special process on our precision punching-bending machines
  • Chained processes, such as with assembly or welding possible
  • Components or assemblies for damping applications


Components for electrics and electronics

  • Components as single parts or assemblies for the safety and comfort in the vehicle
  • Automated production of motor cases for diverse application in the vehicle:
    Cooler motors, seat-adjustment motors, window regulator motors, trunk-lid locking systems supplemented, in part, through mounted lids or other elements (such as magnets or holders to be attached)
  • Single components for electric motors (such as bearing cover, bearing support etc.)
  • Highly precise punching parts for belt tensioners in hybrid vehicles



  • Single components and assemblies for seat structures
  • Seat base and complete frames for sports, utility and special vehicles
  • Airbag container, head rest tubes, side parts, holders and other components or assemblies to be integrated into the seat structure

Industrial applications

Cases and container system

  • We offer cases and container systems as complete assemblies incl. installation; paint work etc.
  • Application, such as in the field of new energies, industry
  • Casing to hold solar storage units according to customer-individual wishes